Essential Estate Planning

The scenario plays out all too often, with people and families just like yours: The unexpected — injury, illness, even death — strikes, leaving major decisions about the stricken person's health, children and financial assets in the hands of the probate court rather than someone the person might have chosen himself or herself to make those decisions. The best way to avoid the unpleasant limbo, legal red tape and uncertainty that often accompany such a scenario, and to be sure your wishes are carried out, is to put in place an estate plan.


Monthly Webinar Series

Painless Estate Planning

Less than half of Americans have a will, but everyone needs one. Join us to learn the simple steps you need to take to create a basic estate plan. We will cover the few basic documents that can save you and your family loads of aggravation and unnecessary expense.

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Points to Ponder

So, what goes into an estate plan? Essentially, it's a set of documents that together spell out "who gets what, how and when they get it, and who's in charge. The basic elements of an estate plan include:

  • a will
  • a health care power of attorney
  • an advanced healthcare directive
  • trusts

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