Resilient Parenting

Building resilience — the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity or trauma — can help children manage stress and feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. However, being resilient does not mean that children won't experience difficulty or distress, but it does mean they can more easily recover from adversity while retaining a positive self-image and view of the world.


Monthly Webinar Series

The Thriving Family: A parent's guide to raising resilient kids

As parents, we all want the best for our children. With the best of intentions, we devote our lives to creating a family foundation that nurtures and protects them. But along the way, as we witness our children experiencing the inevitable challenges of life, our own expectations and vulnerabilities can interfere with their developing brain. How do we avoid this? How can we feel confident that our beliefs and behaviors are providing the best foundation for our children to overcome the difficulties of life so they can truly flourish and succeed? Join us in this webinar as we explore the complexities of our role as parents, our relationship with our individual children and the evidence-based approaches to foster resilience.

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Points to Ponder

Words and actions have great impact on the confidence of children, and children, including adolescents, remember the positive statements parents and caregivers say to them. Phrases such as "I like the way you" or "You are improving at" or "I appreciate the way you" should be used on a daily basis. Parents also can smile, nod, wink, pat on the back, or hug a child to show attention and appreciation. What else can parents do?

  • Be generous with praise
  • Teach positive self-statements
  • Avoid criticism that takes the form of ridicule or shame
  • Teach children about decision making and to recognize when they have made good decisions
  • Show children that you can laugh at yourself

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