Soft Skills Training Courses

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The following is a brief description of our 60+ soft skills training courses. Each course is self-paced, takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete, and concludes with a custom completion certificate.

Achieving Personal Goals

All of us need balance in our lives. We struggle to balance our careers, our families, our health, our emotions, our social lives, and our spirituality. You can probably think of instances in your life when you've spent too much time in one area, only to have another area suffer. You must find balance in your life and determine where you are and what you need.

Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Being "smart" isn't enough. To reach your full potential, personally and professionally, you need emotional intelligence—the set of skills that enables you to manage your own feelings and relate effectively to the feelings of others. This course will show you how to use emotional intelligence at work to increase your success and satisfaction.

Applying Leadership Basics

Sound leadership involves both the leader and the people he or she leads. Everyone needs to work in harmony to accomplish a specific purpose. As an effective leader you will need to reinforce that purpose. You should establish a firm direction on how the work will be undertaken and completed.

Appreciating Personal Differences

An organization with employees of only one personality style, like a painting with only one color, would be dull and ineffective. When you understand and recognize the value of each style, then your personality and those of your colleagues can complement each other and harmonize like the colors of a single work of art.

Balancing Work and Family

The conflict between work and family isn't new; we have been trying to manage this complex balancing act for decades. Today, more than ever, individuals are required to fulfill multiple roles in their personal and professional lives. Managing personal and family needs with career responsibilities and the other roles you fill-all within the constraints of a 24-hour day-can be a real challenge.

Basics of Effective Communication

Virtually everything that happens for good or ill in an organization, or even between human beings in general, is a direct result of communication. Nothing in life gets done without it. In fact, your entire being is involved in it every minute of every day.

Basics of Effective Selling

Selling is a complex and sophisticated process, but successful sales begin and end with the essentials. Whether you're selling high-tech or a neighborhood window-washing service, this is a good place to start.

Becoming an Effective Team Member

Being an effective member of a team is a great way to build your skills and broaden your relationships. For many people it is a new opportunity; others have been on teams before, with experiences ranging from awful to terrific.

Building a Successful Team

One of the most important work group concepts of the last fifteen or twenty years is that of teams. But not all teams are alike. Your own experience with teams may vary widely from that of others. You may have been on really effective teams, or you may have wasted a lot of time on teams that floundered.

Building Strong Customer Relationships

Your customers will make you or break you, and developing relationships is the bottom line. Find out how you can provide consistent and legendary customer service to maintain your competitive position.

Business Writing Basics

The ability to write clearly, forcefully, and persuasively is a valuable business skill-and a rare one. Acquiring this skill will distinguish you from most of your coworkers.

Choosing a Childcare Provider

You make a lot of important decisions in your lifetime and choosing the right daycare provider is probably one of the most crucial. How do you make an informed choice about where your child should spend a large part of his or her formative years? What should you look for to select the right daycare center for your needs? This course will help answer these important questions.

Closing the Sale

Sales professionals work hard to develop a winning sales approach. They thrive on establishing mutually satisfying relationships with prospective customers and enjoy showing them how they can be more successful and meet their goals with whatever the salesperson is selling. But until money changes hands, there is no sale. The culmination of all the effort is closing a sale. This course will help you improve your track record.

Coaching and Counseling

Coaching and counseling are skills that can be learned through practice, persistence, and patience, just like figure skating. If you have a genuine desire to develop and support others and the self-discipline to practice the specific strategies, you can become proficient as a coach or counselor.

Conducting a Performance Review

Many managers shudder at the thought of performance feedback interviews. It's one of the most challenging and intimidating responsibilities that leaders have. But a performance review is a great opportunity for you and your subordinates to develop a positive working relationship and improve productivity.

Conflict Intervention

Conflict is inevitable. It can destroy and it can create. With skilled intervention, conflict has the potential of developing better communication, more effective solutions, and greater empathy.

Creating a Strong Leadership Team

Turning a group of people into an integrated, cohesive unit at any level of a project or organization can be a challenge. Turning leaders into a team is even tougher-but absolutely essential!

Creating an Effective Sales Team

You are responsible for organizing, motivating, guiding, directing, and otherwise orchestrating the activities and assuring the results of a group of sales professionals. Where do you start? How do you keep their creative energy high? How do you help them maintain their focus and positive attitude through the ups and downs of a dynamic career? This course will give you some great ideas.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Today's information-age customers are the most informed and demanding shoppers ever. For a service representative, meeting the demands of one of these savvy customers can be a customer service nightmare! Taking this course will wake you from the nightmare and show you how to calm angry customers and resolve their complaints while keeping your cool.

Dealing With Violence In The Workplace

One out of every four full-time workers is harassed, threatened, or attacked on the job each year. That is a shocking statistic, yet most companies do not have a written policy on workplace violence, have not taken preventative measures, and probably do not understand the causes or warning signs of such behavior. While you hope a violent situation never occurs in your company, this course will help prepare you and your company to effectively manage violent situations should they occur.


Delegation is an integral part of employee development, product improvement, and workload management. When done correctly, it can make your job easier and your subordinates' jobs more fun. By using just a few key tips and strategies, you can make it a win-win situation.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills in a Child

Every day you make decisions and respond to life choices in the blink of a moment, but have you ever stopped to consider how you learned the crucial decision making skills that enable you to do this? These skills, often called critical thinking skills, constitute the toolbox of thought processes that determine your ability to act with wisdom and prudence in any given situation.

Developing a Strategic Plan

Fortune 500 companies aren't successful by accident. They use strategic plans and consistently outperform companies that do not. A strategic plan directs the resources of an organization to a successful future-it's the route a company follows

Discharging Employees

Removing an employee's source of livelihood should be considered as a last resort-yet sometimes it is the right thing to do. Discharging an employee can be a difficult process. That is why careful planning and preparation can help ensure the action is appropriately and fairly applied.

Disciplining and Redirecting Employees

The goal of corrective action, is not to punish underachievers, but to improve their performance. As a supervisor or manager, you are the "coach" of a work team. How effectively you deal with problem conduct and performance will largely determine whether that team will celebrate victory or wallow in defeat.

Executive-to-employee Communication Strategies

As you enter the work area your employees scatter, trying to look preoccupied so they won’t have to…ugh…talk to you! As an executive in your organization, you may feel detached from your lower-level employees. How can you convince them not to be intimidated by you and your position? What are their concerns about the organization? This course takes you through ways you can show your employees just how committed you are to their opinions and concerns. As you create this direct link with your employees they will begin to see you as a great resource in their work, not a hindrance.

Financial Basics for Non-financial Managers

Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow-you've heard these terms and know that they are somehow essential to business operations. You don't need to be an accountant, but you do need to be able to understand financial issues in order to make sound business decisions. Learn the essential basics of accounting and fiscal reporting so that you can use this valuable information to help you fulfill your responsibilities.

Guardianship Decisions for Elderly Loved Ones

As our population ages and lives longer, difficult guardianship decisions will be made more often. Families and individuals need to develop a comfort level in dealing with and caring for the elderly. They need a working knowledge of available resources that can help them make the best decisions for their loved one.

Intercultural Business Etiquette

As contact around the globe becomes quicker and easier, one thing is certain: the ability to adapt to people from other cultures and to communicate effectively with them is a skill few can afford to neglect. Travel with us through this course to learn how to master Intercultural Business Etiquette.

Interviewing Job Candidates

Matching the right candidate with the job is a critical function for any supervisor. With a little preparation, and by following some simple guidelines, you can ensure the time you spend interviewing job candidates is time well spent.

Interviewing Skills for Job Candidates

Sure, your résumé may have helped you get your foot in the door, but it's the interview that's going to determine whether or not you get the job. Learn how to be prepared, know how to answer difficult questions with savvy, and get the job you've always wanted!

Leading Effective Meetings

Meetings are essential to organizational operations. Most managers spend from 25%-80% of their time in meetings, many of which they are leading. And, according to some estimates, approximately 50% of this time is unproductive! There must be a better way!

Leading Effective Teams

Teams can provide wonderful opportunities for collaboration and innovation. But sometimes, as a leader of a team, you encounter frustrations and roadblocks and just want to pull your hair out! Overcome the hurdles that get in the way of your team reaching its goals by leading your team to success with these strategies.

Managing a Virtual Office

Long commutes, traffic problems, and juggling the responsibilities of work and family are part of everyday life, aren't they? More and more managers are moving toward the "virtual office" to alleviate these stresses. But what does a virtual office entail? Is it really beneficial? And how can you convince people that it works?

Managing Change

Although meaningful change is rarely easy (have you ever attempted a diet or tried to stop smoking?) it is a necessity of modern life. Organizations and individuals need to develop comfort in dealing with this constant challenge.

Managing Disagreement

Handling disagreement constructively is central to personal satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. Improved skill at managing interpersonal differences will enrich your work, your relationships, and your career.

Managing Negative People

Negativity in one employee can spread, affecting the climate of the entire workplace and increasing the emotional burden of your job. While managing negative people is tough, there are the methods which enable you to keep your cool, defuse employee negativity, and create a positive culture in your workplace.

Managing Projects

The managing process involves organization and planning, the proper allocation of resources, and the promotion of a strong team effort. It requires an understanding of the interacting effects between different project activities, sound leadership, and proper implementation of the planned work.

Managing Stress

Stress management training can provide the necessary skills and knowledge for you to offset the potentially negative effects of a stressful environment. You can actively take steps to increase your self-awareness and integrate a variety of proven stress management responses into your management style.

Managing Your 401(k)

What's your idea of retiring in style? Soaking in rays on a white sand beach? Roaming the continent in an RV? Spending hours in the garden without ever needing to give a thought to having enough money? Whatever your retirement ideal, the way to reach it is to invest in a 401(k) and use the strategies in this module to maximize the return on your investment. Your future is in your hands.

Mastering Cold Calls

You have to start some place, and most of the time, that's a cold call. You have only one chance to make a positive first impression, so you want to make the most of the opportunity. How can you present yourself the very best way in those first few seconds? What approach will open the door with a new prospect? Learn the basics that will put you well on your way to mastering cold calls.

Motivating Employees

We all need to be motivated in order to reach our goals. And to achieve our goals as managers and supervisors, we must create a motivating environment, not only for ourselves, but also for our employees.

Moving from Trainer to Performance Consultant

The transition from acting as a trainer to becoming a performance consultant can be challenging and sometimes even scary. You may feel inadequate and unsure of the business in which you’re getting involved. But if you follow certain steps and prepare yourself adequately, you can make a smooth and rewarding transition—a solid foundation for your new career.

Negotiating for the Sales Professional

You can sell your customers the Brooklyn Bridge and "ocean-front property in Arizona," but will you get their repeat business?! Making the sale at any cost is easy. Negotiating to maintain your bottom line and satisfy the customer is the challenge. Are you up to the challenge? You will be if you take this module and apply its principles for improving your negotiation skills and developing long-lasting client relationships.

Organizing Your Workspace

"I'll get organized just as soon as I find the time." "I have a great system. I just let things go, and if it is really important, someone will call about it!" Do these statements sound familiar? Crawling out from underneath your stacks of paper can be challenging, but it is also a skill that can be learned. This course teaches you strategies for getting rid of the stacks of paper, clearing off the top of your desk, organizing your files, and managing all those sticky notes, paper clips, and pens. You will be able to find things the first time you look for them and will cease being confused about what projects are where and who's doing what.

Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One

Even with the predictability of death, we're rarely prepared for it. In one brief moment, our lives change forever. The death of a loved one is painful, but there is hope. You must allow yourself the time to grieve-and learn how to work through and express that grief.

Personal Financial Planning

"There is a kind of Buddhistic calm that comes from having . . . money in the bank." - Ayn Rand

Ayn was right! Building our savings and reaching our financial goals brings peace of mind. But whether we reach these goals - or fail to do so - depends on how carefully we formulate and carry out a financial plan.

Presentation Skills

Many people become afraid when asked to give a presentation in front of a group. But there are ways to master the challenges of public speaking. With adequate preparation, you can confidently deliver a presentation that captivates your audience.

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Leaders (non-AB 1825 compliant)

Workplace indiscretions can have dire consequences on both the individuals involved and the organization. Conscientious supervisors and managers don't take chances when it comes to sexual harassment. They know that the proper amounts of education and guidance are the best prevention measures.

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees (non-AB 1825 compliant)

Being an adult does not entitle people to engage in impropriety among coworkers. Every year the claims for sexual harassment in the workplace rise and the only way to become immune from a lawsuit is to become educated, not only on the laws, but on the reasons why it is important to use genuine consideration and respect in the workplace.

Providing Effective Feedback

In today's competitive environment, organizations are committed to continually improving performance. An essential ingredient in this quest for excellence is feedback.

Qualifying Sales Prospects

So many possibilities, so little time! How do you know where to start? How do you determine where your efforts are most likely to get results? Take this module and learn how to focus on a field of carefully selected prospects, rather than randomly contacting people who have little chance of becoming clients.

Recognizing Employee Performance

People need to know when they are doing a good job. They want to know that their leaders notice their efforts and contributions, and that they are appreciated and valued. As a leader, you want to provide this positive reinforcement because it creates a work environment where employees can be motivated to do their best.

Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is the feeling that you just don't have the energy-or desire-to move forward with the enthusiasm and vigor you once had. It can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Knowing when this is happening, and having the wisdom to do something about it, are valuable skills in today's environment, where change and fast-paced living can take their toll.

Recognizing and Managing Anger

Anger has played a significant role in history. Wars, divorces, new nations, and old feuds have sprung from the root of anger and impacted society, families, and individuals. Today, anger is an accepted emotion, but many of us have seen inappropriate anger modeled in our families of origin.

Recognizing and Responding to Signals of Violence in Children

Most parents are concerned about their child's development, especially today when violence is witnessed firsthand or in the media. It is extremely important to recognize and respond to early signals of violence in young people. Early detection can even make the difference between life and death.

Setting Performance Goals and Expectations

The manager's success in any organization is based in large measure on the performance of his or her work unit. With a reasonably systematic effort to work with employees, your unit can meet or exceed goals, encourage high performance, and reap positive rewards, while offering new opportunities for development and career growth.

Solving Problems as a Team

As a team leader, you are responsible for making sure that your team knows how to solve problems together. Although it takes some time, working together will greatly increase the likelihood of a high quality solution. It will also generate energy and enthusiasm in the team for successful implementation.

Succeeding as a Supervisor

This task may seem intimidating, but if you use the strategies and tips in this course, you will be able to transform an ordinary work group into a dynamic contributor to your organization's success - and find personal and professional rewards along the way.

Successful Negotiation

Skilled negotiators will save money, save time, and achieve a high degree of satisfaction. But in order to become a skilled negotiator you need to learn the ins and outs of negotiating successfully.

Telephone Skills for Quality Customer Service

In most organizations, customer service departments represent only a portion of the overall service responsibility. Everyone from CEO to shipping clerk provides customer service and contributes to an organization's reputation for quality service. In this course, you will learn effective telephone skills that will help you be even more professional when speaking on the telephone and enable you to give your callers the quality service they deserve. You will learn tips for handling telephone technology, strategies for managing discussions, and ways to influence your customer's perception of the company.

Telephone Sales Skills

You know that your company's experience identifies telephone sales as an effective approach. You know that your income and success depend on your ability to sell effectively over the phone. But does it have to be so hard? Not if you know a few simple tips.

Time Management

A clock, a watch, an hourglass-these instruments measure and mark the passing of our most valuable asset-time. In spite of the title of this course, time cannot be managed. Nor can it be saved. It can only be spent. How you spend it determines the quality of your life. Your choices express your values and create your memories. It's all up to you!

Understanding and Using Contracts

Understanding contracts is essential in today's business world and in everyday life. By learning fundamental contract principles, you will be better able to get what you want in business dealings and personal contracts, avoid misunderstandings and costly disputes, and achieve success in your business and personal ventures.

Valuing Diversity

Workplace diversity is much like mosaic art. People of different backgrounds, cultures, viewpoints and talents can come together to solve problems and to generate ideas for new opportunities.